Track 1 - Data Analytics

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  1. I see you have used the graph-based approach, semantic technology (particularly ontology) which has the capability of maintaining relationship has also been used in similar kinds of research. My question is, was there any reason not to go for this ontological approach or you were not aware of it?
  2. Querying in graph optimally becomes challenging when the graph grows bigger, do you have any such issues? If yes how did you handle it?
  3. Sorry, I was not able to hear the floor. If anybody has questions on my presentation MS-rehab: a web-accessible system for AI-supported cognitive training" please write them here.
  4. I'm curious, does GAML implement any learning models? Can the simulation improve "by itself"?
  5. I will try to answer this question here, sorry for the technical problems :) So, I think you talk about Reinforcement Learning. This is actually not implemented, but as it is Open Source and the API is described very well, you can also couple DRL methods for sure.

Track 1 – Data Analytics