Open Data de luxe: Querying public SPARQL endpoints from the command line, R and Pandas

Making the most of Open Data Hub, Wikidata, DBpedia and other sources of high quality data


Linked Open Data is the most usable kind of Open Data. An example of a well integrated source of Linked Open Data on tourism and mobility is the Open Data Hub operated by NOI. We will use the SPARQL querying language, a W3C standard, to query the data and show how this differs from other access methods. The tour will start by querying the end point directly from the command line with tools, like curl. Then, one by one, well known data science software packages. like R and Pandas, will be used to directly work with these datasets, to perform statistical calculations and generating graphs from data.
In the final part, these software packages will be used to query data from other well known data sources, like Wikidata and DBpedia.