DataPlotly – D3-like plots in QGIS


DataPlotly is a plugin for QGIS that allows to create D3 like plots from spatial data. It is build on top of plotly, a javascript library which offers easy API for many languages such as Python, R, Matlab and NodeJS.

The plugin was created back in 2017 for the upcoming QGIS 3 version: today the plugin has been downloaded more than 50,000 times.

Creating plots is out of the main scopes of QGIS but thanks to the simple Python API it is easy enough to create additional scripts and plugins. Thanks to these APIs, DataPlotly is today a well maintained Python plugin with a growing community of developers, users and testers.

DataPlotly plots are completely interactive so that plot elements are directly linked with map items; therefore the user is able to query map items from the main plot canvas.

Thanks to a crowdfunding campaign launched in March 2019 during the annual QGIS User Conference, the functionalities of DataPlotly were extended: a complete refactoring of the code, more plots but especially the creation of plots in the layout composer.

More and more people are using the plugin to analyze the data and to create complex output reports of data (e.g. the Covid-19 pandemic).