Agent-based modelling with the GAMA platform

How do these guys simulate the spread of COVID-19?


Agent-based modelling is widely used in simulation scenarios where different kind of systems are acting together. These systems can be modelled as agents, and they have their own intelligence – just like e.g. humans or autonomous machines. One very recent example, where such simulations are used, is predicting the spread of the COVID-19 virus. This is not the main topic of this talk, but I would like to show how Fraunhofer Italia used this method in modelling apple logistics. The main question was how optimized containers for the fruit transport and storage can be optimized in terms of sustainability. The tool used for these studies is the GAMA platform and the GAML program language, which are both open source and have a very active community. In the talk I would combine principles of agent-based modelling the open source software kit and our results we achieved and what we plan in the future.