Track 3 - Society & Culture

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  1. Welcome everybody, feel free to add your Questions during the presentation so it will surely reach the moderator on stage ;)
  2. Flavia Marzano talks about History of Free Software adoption in italian public administration, if you have questions to her, now it is the right moment
  3. Is your solution based on existing Open Source Projects and how do you ensure that your modifications get used by an international audience
  4. How to convince normal people to spend their money to support development of some FOSS application instead of buying private licence fore software or services? *there is no-gratis service: if not with money we pay with our datas *
  5. After your experience, is it now the time to automate Information Desks with robots like Pepper? Are we at an early stage or can it be already a valueable solution
  6. Hi Chris, did you also a direct integration of Jitsi to the youtube live stream or is this handled separatly?
  7. @Alan Hofer, no we did not use Jitsi's live stream feature. I find this a little bit kludgy :/ What happens here is that NOI has a production that streams the browser window (or a part of it). I don't know what they're using for streaming, I guess OBS Studio. -- Chris
  8. Are you optimistic on the future evolution of IOT producers using the IOTA open source protocols

Track 3 – Society & Culture