Track 7 - Business Models

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  1. Welcome to the Track 7: "Business Models" If you have any questions for the speaker, please post it while the speaker is talking, so we can to make it at the end of his talk (in case there is still time). For more questions and discussion you can also use St. Virtual our digital village. Enjoy the talks and the conference!
  2. In Gardena which countermeasures do you think it could be necessary to optimize the collaboration with FOSS projects?
  3. Reto Schneider will be available for questions in S. Virtual starting from 9:45 am. You can find him at the following link:
  4. Hi Tobie, thanks for great speech. Is the us goverment ban on android for huawei not a break of the Open source licence`?
  5. Unfortunately there wasn't time to post your question, you can try to reach the speaker in St. Virtual or using his Twitter or Linkedin profile shared on the conference website.
  6. From 10.20 to 10.50 we have the discussion round "Free Open Source Software for young talents" with Alessandro Efrem Colombi - Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Elisa Weiss - NOI, Kavita Kapoor - OpenUK, Simon Phipps - Meshed Insights. The table will be live only in Track 5 - Legal.
  7. Hi, Pleas can you give me a link to the European Open SOure Technology Center of HUAWEI and the email of the director: David ?? Thank you
  8. Here you can find the information about Davide Ricci:
  9. Thank you all for participating in SFSCON2020 and see you next year on 12th of November 2021! Save the date!

Track 7 – Business Models