Damian Berghof

Community Manager for Social Media Communities

Damian Berghof is an Engineer from Germany, with 20+ years of experience in the mechanical world and open-source enthusiast. He has been working full-time for one of the most innovative (IoT) technology companies.

Without a doubt, he loves to build and maintain growing open-source communities, build worldwide networks, and to cooperate with others in all areas of interest. It often goes beyond engineering and open-source, where creativity has no limits.

His first touch with computers and software was at the end of the 90s, at that time people had to use monochrome screens and floppy disks, labeled with MS-DOS.

The biggest passion nowadays for him is to empower engineers and people in all technical roles to use sophisticated free and open-source virtual engineering software to solve either real-life industry problems or to deliver support in science or for hobby purposes.

Not only the work with machines but also daily communication and networking with humans motivates him to continue the daily work on these activities.

Damian Berghof

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