Track 2 - Community Management & OW2 Track

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  1. Welcome to the Track 2: "Community Management & OW2" If you have any questions for the speaker, please post it while the speaker is talking, so we can to make it at the end of his talk (in case there is still time). For more questions and discussion you can also use St. Virtual our digital village. Enjoy the talks and the conference!
  2. Here are my slides: If you have questions, feel free to reach out to me (@juristr)
  3. Will the OpenOffice project be finally closed as some IT articles stated? It is practically dead...
  4. At this link you can find Antonio Nardella for further discussions:
  5. Will the slides be available offline? Frustrating to only partially see them - interesting points being shown.
  6. The slides will be published on the website after the event. Unfortunately during the tests worked everything fine and only now we had a problems in showing them. We are sorry for the problem.
  7. You mentioned banks no longer use HW tokens. My bank too does not allow me anymore to use it and instead forces me to use a non-free app. Could you briefly mention why that is?

Track 2 – Community Management & OW2 Track