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  1. HI, thank you for organizing this event also under the difficult circumstances of nowadays, I wish you all a good conference. I am happy to partecipate remotly
  2. Patrick, thanks for this great introduction. Looking forward to the many upcoming talks. The program looks great.
  3. Good morning everybody from Paris. Thank you NOI Techpark for the event and congratulations on an already exceptional organization! I look forward to a great conference
  4. This seems to be very interesting. Congratulations to organizers. It is going to be a pleasure to follow at least some of the presentations.
  5. You guys really did an impressive work to organize SFSCON online, and make everybody feel connected even if we are not physically there!
  6. Thank you Patrick for keeping the event alive and congratulations for an already great organization!
  7. Hello everyone, thank you for the SFSCON Organizers and the NOI TechPark for making this conference possible!
  8. We are pleased that the Commission recognises the benefits of Free Software and the four freedoms to use, study, share and improve. Still, there are lots of vague formulations and loopholes in the Open Source Strategy. For example the strategy says: “Wherever it makes sense to do so, the Commission will share the source code of its future IT projects.” and also “The principles of this strategy will help us choose strategically between closely competing software solutions. They keep our options open. They will allow the Commission to choose non-open technologies where there are good reasons to do so” When does it makes sense to share source code and what are good reasons to choose non-open technologies? Are the criteria and future decisions in this context made publicly available and subject to public debate?
  9. Question: what are your thoughts about recent pushes by the EU commission to mandate backdoors to encryption technology?
  10. Patrick has a lot of echo when talking to Thomas Gageik, hopefully its fixable / better with the next speakers, its a bit difficult to understand when he speaks. I would be interested also on the answer for Chris Mairs question
  11. We are working on the echo problem. Chris Mair's question came in just a moment too late and time was already over.
  12. Small correction: I was formally Head of Open Source Governance at Orange (not Oracle) :-)
  13. If you want to ask questions, it's better if you do it during the talk since we have a delay in the stream.
  14. Thanks for the talk and the announcements! Question: will the European code base eventually differ from the "China" code on gitee? And if so, what will be the differences?
  15. @Max Mehl, The European codebase will conform to the standards of open source, governance, IP rights applicable in Europe. These changes will be fed back to the codebase on gitee. We would like to keep the codebases close together so we can freely exchange features between the codebases.
  16. Thanks @Amit - @Max, the intent is to try and keep the core set of components similar across the globe - that said, the markets are different, nothing prevents adding market specific features to a shared set of components
  17. @Christian - terribly sorry, I wanted to say Orange but came out as Oracle ... I guess I could not lie! Oh well, not the cat is out of the bag, guess everybody knows.
  18. @Davide Ricci: Do you plan to have so-called "reproducible" builds of your software (something that is currently undergoing in Debian), such that a customer can be sure, that the source code corresponds to the binaries?
  19. @Peter - yes - the idea is also to generate a dedicated license manifest that covers only the components being included in the build
  20. @Peter - this is something the Yocto Project was looking into - we plan on adopting the bitbake build infrastructure that provide us with most of the plumming and tools and add all components that are not part of the Poky / reference Yocto build as meta-layers
  21. @Mryle: very interesting talk. Please make the slides (and reference links) available.
  22. Thank you Myrle, Great speech and great explanation, it helped me a lot to understand some concepts.
  23. Free open-source software (FOSS) always good but it also has the challenges making it difficult to use in many cases like lack of having proper documentation, lack of proper support like proprietary tools. How do you see the FOSS should issue this and make it more attractive?
  24. Would be possible to power the mobile installation through solar panel? If yes how big should they be?
  25. What is the latency in getting information when the vehicle is in the vicinity of the data recorder? Was there any anomaly in collecting these data, how did you handle it?
  26. If the BT radius is about 100m, are then cars driving on different (e.g. parallel) roads collected?
  27. Do/can you distinguish between cars and other mobile devices like phones, headphones, handheld consoles?
  28. Unfortunately we couldn't submit the last 3 questions to the moderator, maybe Gianluca can respond in the chat directly or a discussion can be done in San Virtuale
  29. What software platform is beeing used for the conference? Will be interesting to hear to whole solution adopted
  30. For the videoconferences we use our dedicated jitsi server, for the video streaming youtube
  31. The introduction of GDPR has caused the industry to rethink how they work, especially affecting the software industry. Now when you talk about CI/CD policies, how do you think such laws like GDPR (which changes continuously) will affect OSS (Open Source Softwares)? What are the challenges associated with? Have you worked on GDPR based compliance CI/CD?