SFS Award 2020

Linux User Group Bozen-Bolzano-Bulsan assigns the “South Tyrol Free Software Award”

Winner Davide Montesin
018ivo corra╠Ç ┬® 2020
Free Software Award 2020, Davide Montesin

Every year the Linux User Group Bozen-Bolzano-Bulsan assigns the “South Tyrol Free Software Award” (SFS Award). The award is given to a person who contributed to the introduction of the culture of Free Software in the Province of Bolzano.

The Free Software Award 2020 was delivered to Davide Montesin.

Laudatio SFSaward 2020

The winner of this year’s SFSaward is a professional who has been working with Free Software for years and with the aim to the spread of Free Software in South Tyrol.

Developer since the 90s; his favorite short movie is “Java 4ever”; great admirer of the Java language since its birth in the mid 90s; love at first sight that he has always been able to transmit to all his acquaintances and learners thanks to his unmistakable calm and peaceful character.

Consultant for almost twenty years for important IT projects based on free software such as OpenDataHub, SASAbus, Beacon Südtirol, Open Forms for eGov and constant contributor to the knowledge sharing at the annual SFSCON conference. He is also known as a skilled trainer for public bodies, training centers and companies especially in the tourism sector. Former company director, now an clever and scrupulous CEO who believes in software sharing as the most important common growth factor for companies in the IT ecosystem.

The hunt for bugs in free software is his daily bread. The missing construct in his favorite language led him to his new enaevour: the CatchSolve company.

It is with great pleasure that the LUGBZ assigns the South Tyrol Free Software Award 2020 to Davide Montesin. Congratulations from the Southtyrolean Free Software Community!