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  1. Welcome to the Track 6: "DevOps"!

    If you have any questions for the speaker, please post them during the talk. Only a few questions my be given to the speaker, if time permits. For more questions and discussion you can also use S. Virtual our digital village. Enjoy the talks and the conference!
  2. Our first talk is about "Learning from Developers: How to Make Dependency Management Secure". Have a nice day 2 of SFSCON! Questions welcome...
  3. You talked about automated dependency analysis tools, could you suggest some good FLOSS tools to be used in Java and Javascript projects?
  4. Have you had the chance to test the performance of your microservice REST APIs when it comes to huge numbers of requests, or costly queries to the DB in the backend?
  5. Coming up soon "AlpineBits Standard - FOSS reference implementation for the data exchange in the tourism sector"... Happy listening!
  6. Hi Lisa, For your BASE question, we haven't tested BASE3 yet under any extreme load or benchmark, but the older versions of BASE have performed very well. While we don't have any numbers to share, we will try to write a blog post in the future about it and maybe even compare BASE2 to BASE3 and to other frameworks. Keep an eye out on
  7. there exist other standards to exchange tourism data, why was it important for the AlpineBits alliance to create its own standard?
  8. Now we go deep into the rabbit hole and talk about "Avoiding spelling mistakes: a WebAssembly tale"... Questions welcome :-)
  9. Announcement
    Dear guests, from 10.20 until 10.50 we have a DISCUSSION ROUND that will be live ONLY in Track 5 - Legal. We would like to invite you all to join Track 5!
    Discussion Round "Free Open Source Software for young talents" with Alessandro Efrem Colombi - Free University of Bozen-Bolzano, Elisa Weiss - NOI, Kavita Kapoor - OpenUK, Simon Phipps - Meshed Insights
  10. What does "compute only" mean exactly? Is there no GUI component to draw html elements or to write to a canvas?
  11. Do not know, if I have understood correctly, there are no bindings from web assembly to other languages, but functionality needs to be ported to WebAssembly directly?
  12. Next talk after the coffee break at 11.20: "An internal investigation: observations from migrating multi-tiered applications to Kubernetes"... cya there!
  13. Do you also use any machine learning or deep learning algorithms? If you don't it is just a rule-based approach so you can not predict any issue that may arise. In the time of AI, how do you see the future of Neteye?
  14. Hi, thanks for the presentation. Can you share the link to the telegram channel here in the chat?
  15. Coming up... "OAuth2/OpenID - A central authentication server to rule all your services"... Questions welcome :-)
  16. @Tek Raj Chhetri thanks for the comment. In this presentation we focused on few core applications of NetEye which offers the basic monitor functionalities. Other applications within NetEye provide advanced analysis for identifying the future problems which, as you said, are really important for monitoring your infrastructure.
  17. Which data would for instance Google or Facebook get, if I would use such an account as login in Keycloak? Would they see which services I use?
  18. @Gregor Google and Facebook just know, that you want to make a login to the specified authentication server. But they don't know then which other services you use and what you are doing. They just know that you logged in there, because you have to make this verification step.
  19. Next talk is about "DVC: version control your datasets and ML experiments"... Happy listening!
  20. We would be very happy, if we can help you. Just let us know! In the next week, we will be posting the slides on our website.
  21. Do you plan to upstream or get in contact with the git community itself, to maybe support bigger files in the future directly with git?
  22. How to you make sure a specific paper contains the results of an exact code and related data version? What I mean is traceability between final released papers and final released and then maybe changed repositories?
  23. Last talk in the track DevOps: "Linux VXLAN Gateway - Linux as a VXLAN Gateway with eVPN MP-BGP"... Questions welcome :-)
  24. If there is no Control plane for VxLAN and UDP package transmission, how can you be sure to have a reliable connection?
  25. This track about DEVOPS is over now. You can continue with discussions about the presented topics or just have a chat on our Virtual Village Jitsi System. Please join a table under S. Virtual. See you next year!! Cheers, The SFSCON Team

Track 6 – DevOps