FSFE - Legal Education Day track

We all love the digital freedoms that Free Software grants to users and developers, but these freedoms rely on legal instruments and the legal system to be able to enforce them. Nevertheless, we all know too well how it can be difficult to understand and comply with the legal frameworks involved that guarantee our continued enjoyment of these freedoms. But understanding and complying with Free Software legal and licensing obligations is important to keep you and your software project safe from legal threats, and to build a healthy Free Software environment based on openness and community.

The Legal Education Track will feature a few talks, Q&A sessions as well as a workshop in order to facilitate a better understanding of these legal frameworks and compliances. The talks will explain basic legal concepts such as licenses, copyright law, and its practical application into your projects with the FSFE’s REUSE Initiative, as well as other legal topics important for developers and the Free Software community in general.

FSFE - Legal Education Day track - LIVE STREAMING

FSFE – Legal Education Day track