When open culture meets open technologies… the case of the City of Rome


In line with the values of transparency and openness, the City of Rome decided to mark a turning point in approaching the open culture within the Administration of Rome. Within the framework of Roma Capitale’s Digital Agenda 2017-2021, the open government is one of the main baselines. Open government means transparency, participation, collaboration and accountability. To make these requirements more concrete, the Municipality of Rome decided to open as much as possible its own information asset, to use open infrastructure and applications, to make more transparent the administration procedures, to involve citizens in the decision process about civic subjects.
To turn these principles into projects, we put in place, for example, the open agenda, a tool that allows citizens to see the Councillors agenda, the open administration balance sheets since 2006 to present, and, we are strongly investing on Free and Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS) technologies.