Why Do We Need A Next Generation Internet?

Improving the Internet as a platform, one Free Software at a time


The Internet today forms the backbone of the digitisation of our society and economy. As connectivity increases, the boundaries between the real and digital world get increasingly blurred. However, there has been an erosion of trust in the Internet following revelations about the exploitation of personal data, large-scale cybersecurity and data breaches, and growing awareness of the proliferation and impacts of online disinformation.

What can be done to improve the Internet as a platform for future generations? What initiatives are currently in place to build key technological blocks of an Internet that supports human-centric values, such as privacy, security, and inclusion, while reflecting the values and norms all citizens should enjoy in Europe?

This talk will explore why the current state of the internet must be re-imagined and re-engineered in order to support healthy societies, the existing European Commission initiative to work towards doing so, and the role of Free Software in accomplishing these goals.



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