Open Tracing Tools: Overview and Comparison


Open Tracing Tools are software tools that enable the monitoring, debugging, and optimization of distributed software architectures. They provide a way to trace and understand the flow of requests and data through various components of a distributed system.

In the last months, the authors conducted a study to select and compare 30 tracing tools using a systematic literature review approach. They analysed the open source licence, features, architecture, the collected data, interoperability, but also the popularity, benefits, and issues of each tool, using topic modelling and sentiment analysis. The results offer a systematic comparison of the selected tracing tools.

We’ll say it in advance: there is one perfect tool that is better than all the others but this talk will present a) a brief overview of what open tracing tools are and the OpenTelemetry standard, b) the process followed in the study and c) the obtained results. For those that want to read the entire report, here it is: