Open data: ownership and licensing


Technologies such as IoT applied in industrial contexts allow the collection of numerous data and parameters, related, for example, to the functioning of smart objects, consumer preferences, the most frequent causes of malfunction, etc.. All these data have a clear economic value and are very useful for the process of acquisition and training of technologies based on machine learning systems. Companies are increasingly using open data for various reasons, such as customizing the consumer experience. There are, however, some problems. These data, at the same time, are relevant to the progress of the entire society, so the question arises whether these data should be considered trade secrets or data freely available to anyone. The topic is of great interest in legal matters, as one might wonder who owns this data, whether it can be granted to third parties, and if it were to happen, what license should be used to best perform this data transfer?
The talk aims to analyze the different possible answer to this question, hypothesizing the possible change to our legal framework already proposed by the national and international authorities.