Monitoring, Analyzing, Optimizing Traffic with AI


Traffic is steadily increasing, especially in cities. However, the infrastructure and the road network remain largely the same and cannot be changed easily; therefore, traffic flow needs to be become more efficient and optimized, and problem areas must be resolved in advance – planning proactively rather than reacting late: traffic must be monitored and analyzed, preferably in real time and intelligently.
Like in any other sector, before being able to optimize something it is necessary to firstly monitor / measure existing and secondly analyze the gathered information; only than optimization is possible. In order to measure, monitor and analyze traffic it is necessary not only to count vehicles, but to understand, from which direction they are coming from, where are they going, which type of vehicle, etc. This has been a challenge for decades and current solutions are basic as it gets; people stand nearby streets and write down the direction flow of vehicles. This is of course highly inefficient, not reliable and for sure no way to gather data of several days, weeks or years. This is where Artificial Intelligence jumps in.
We, as B&S, have, therefore, developed an AI-system capable of monitoring complex the scenario, track vehicles, distinguish types of vehicles etc. All of this in real time and 24/7 all year long; without saving pictures or intruding any privacy issues.
The data is collected anonymously on our Numerus Platform and accessible for the client or the public, which can finally start to really understand the flow in their city and on their streets.
The system is further capable of learning during its work.
In the next 15min we will see what possibilities such type of systems offer and create today and in the future.