Patrik Bocher

Bright & Safe

Co-founder and head

M.Sc. Patrik Bocher

  •  Co-founder and head of Bright & Safe GmbH
    • high-technology business with the goal to provide big data in order to monitor, analyze and optimize traffic flow
      • Real usage of future technologies such as AI in a real world
    •  Consultancy in the field of process-optimization, innovation, business improvement
      • Process-consultancy and process-optimization in several of the top 100 (highest revenue) South Tyrolean companies
  •  Guest speaker at several occasions among other things:
    • Guest lector at University of Bolzano on the topic “startup innovative and startup procedures”
  • Juror at a different start-up competition
  • Expert in “Founding start-up innovative under Italian law”
  • Education: Master of Science in Entrepreneurship and Management at University Bolzano
Patrik Bocher

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