PA creates community to open the data

With the #LinkedUmbria project the Umbria Region wants to achieve the following objectives:
– identify through co-design the datasets of public interest and utility in various thematic areas to be opened in Linked Open Data format on the regional CKAN catalog (dati.umbria.it)
– involving companies, startups, schools, through hackatons organized in regional DigiPASSs (digipass.regione.umbria.it), about the creation of new digital services that use the available open data to proactively involve stakeholders representing citizenship such as Umbrian journalists (also through the direct involvement of the Regional Order of Umbria)
– make the Umbrian public administrations aware of the need and the opportunity to share and open up the public information assets, also in compliance with art. 50-ter CAD (national digital platform for managing data) and directive (EU) 2019/1024 (PSI – Public sector information)

The project began in August 2018, setting up a comparison group with journalists, following an agreement between the Umbria region and the Order of Journalists Umbria, which led to the identification of a basket of data not yet available and published but which could be of interest collective.

The project schedule includes:
year 2019: provision of training and construction of laboratories and meetings for the co-design of datasets
year 2020-2021: technical step, aimed at supporting and improving processes for the automatic publication of open data by public administrations
2020-2021: design of hackathons in DigiPASS (digipass.regione.umbria.it) with the proactive involvement of schools through the Community of Digital Animators of Umbria (digital animators.regione.umbria.it) and many other stakeholders