LibreOffice Online for collaborative research, e-learning and digital training in the cloud


LibreOffice is the industry-leading open source office suite. Based on and committed to open standards and managed by a non-profit foundation, the software is used by millions of users worldwide on all major desktop platforms. With LibreOffice Online, the software is also available in a cloud version for the browser, providing collaborative document editing.
Universities, schools, libraries and businesses can use LibreOffice Online to add office functionality to the existing catalogue of applications of their public or private clouds, such as groupware solutions. Researchers can collaborate on their documents securely and protected, maintaining the exclusive ownership, confidentiality and privacy of the data, all of which can be kept in their own organisation, within the same country and within the same legislation, available with a single click via a familiar interface. Administrators can easily integrate LibreOffice Online into an existing LDAP user database and an existing file storage solution such as ownCloud or Nextcloud. The instances of the suite can be centrally configured, administered and installed, scaled to be shared by multiple organizations to reduce their costs and overheads, while ensuring that the software is regularly updated.
Professors and teachers from all educational fields can share their presentations, while students can view them directly in the browser. The departments can write the minutes of their meetings in real time, see any changes immediately as they occur in the very same document and directly follow up on them. Access can be granted based on the permissions of existing groups and folders in order to share at the campus level or with a specific faculty. File sharing, of course, is not limited to the same organization, thanks to the functionality of the federation or the protection with password, that gives external users and organisations permanent or time-limited access.
Using the OpenDocument Format (ODF), an ISO/IEC standard, LibreOffice Online guarantees the long-term preservation of the research content created, ensuring its accessibility, and avoiding vendor lock-ins, to support the sharing of research and knowledge. At the same time, LibreOffice Online also offers interoperability and compatibility with many file format. In fact, by reusing the same “core code”, the rendering of the documents corresponds to the desktop version.
These features make LibreOffice Online ideal for collaborative research purposes, e-learning and digital schooling as well as sharing and re-using of data and information. Third-party plugins introduce additional functionalities, such as ensuring authenticity and integrity with signature and verification of documents.
The LibreOffice project operates in accordance with the principles of openness, transparency and a strong focus on the educational world and is strongly supported by a commercial ecosystem that provides consulting, development, technical support, long-term software maintenance and training.
With this strong backing, the software is ideal for educational and scientific needs.