Leveraging the open source dynamic to explore the MiniApp/Quick App dynamic

A new dynamic for the hyper digital, on-the-go era


Society is experiencing a remarkable period of digital transformation thats is impacting the many ways in which we work and live our lives. Yet, this shift is accompanied by multiple pressures: companies and public services need an app presence to reach customers or audiences; marketplaces are filled by millions of new apps each year making it hard to stand out; users are tired of the search, download, and use (maybe) process … even more so for ad hoc, on-the go needs. Quick app is an implementation of the emerging W3C MiniApp standards. It seeks to complement the current app model in order to better enable tomorrow’s fluid digital needs. In this talk we will explore how the open Quick App Initiative can help us explore the intersection between app quick apps and the digital transformation pressures in order to innovate a new dynamic in mobile applications.