Implementation of IOTA solutions on embedded devices

IOTA MAM and Internet of Underwater Things systems


The main problem of the IoT control devices and sensor is the lack of secure direct communication with thefinal trust point and different types of corruption and spoofing can occur. This introduces a great opportunity for data tampering and cyber-attack in addition no one can trust the sensor data in the first communication step.
No one guarantees that a right sensor sends out the right data due to no authentication and no truthfulness of sensors that are connected with a trusted point. The middle point is the first trusted point but no one can guarantee correctness and truthfulness in the data before this point. The aim of this talk is to reach out a new way to directly connect an embedded devices system, in this case, an underwater things system directly with a DL endpoint. The final purpose is to avoid an intermediary gateway step and port down the entire client system directly on embedded IoT devices, this will allow the device to directly communicate with blockchain with no additional middle step.
The entire project covers the needs to reach a secure and authenticate communication directly from the sensor node and in this way guarantee the CIA properties from the bottom.
We have therefore developed a solution that exploits the advantages of the IOTA MAM protocol and the advantages offered by the DL technology offered by IOTA to set up a protocol that allows direct communication between IOTA Tangle and low-level devices.
The solution is based on IOTA technology and IOTA environment and uses MAM protocol for message exchange on tangle. This protocol allows to sign and encrypt the message and thanks to the solidity of IOTA tangle is easy to reach the continuous availability and accessible to the service.



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