Identikit of a cloud for learners


Many schools have shown in the past years to have a clear understanding of what digital sustainability and data sovereignity really mean.

The use of Free Software for education of free software web tools and data in data centers located on our territory, South Tyrol, are the base ingredients for a real cloud for learners.

Nextcloud, LibreOffice, Moodle, ILIAS, Chamilo, Big Blue Button are just a few of the main ingredients used.

We are not re-inventing the wheel.

We are just doing and trying to spread an idea of cloud for schools that other countries and cities are also doing:

E.g. the city of Barcelona with its Plan for the Democratic Digitalisation of Education where Xnet and a group of families presented the first version of the DD digital educational infrastructure, a pioneering comprehensive workspace that aggregates free and auditable software tools in a single suite offering data sovereignty and protecting the digital rights of students and teachers.

This important project is one example of great effort which deserves to be spread all over Europe, reused and supported by public administrations.