How can we make no-code data quality testing become reality?

Challenges of no-code data quality testing and possible solutions


The low-code/no-code movement has the core aim of making technical tools more accessible to people without a technical background. For example, there are multiple tools that allow people to create applications and to test their functionalities without writing a single line of code.

What currently is hard to find on the market is the possibility of testing and monitoring data quality without requiring coding skills. Data quality has a significant impact on the training of AI models and on the correct functioning of web and mobile applications. However, testing data quality is a burdensome task as it requires both technical and domain expertise.

No-code data quality testing could allow domain experts to promptly catch issues and fix them, however there are multiple challenges that have to be taken into account to make this concept become a reality.

What are the key challenges and how could we overcome them? We will discuss about it during the talk.