Document it or it never existed!

...or how to produce good documentation with open source tools


A key aspect in software development is also to write good documentation that can support new users and potential new contributors, providing them an enriched user experience.
With software developed at high velocity is not always easy to keep the documentation updated, maintained and complete. There are also cases where a software or a product has both a community and a company supported version and maintaining all the documentation updated and with the right branding is also adding extra difficulties.
Sometimes the risk is to develop a support infrastructures with a high entry level barrier that limits the contributions of external or casual contributors.
This presentation will dive the attendees into DAPS (, the open source toolchain developed by SUSE that is used for delivering the different documentation flavors for openSUSE and the SUSE products.
The hands-on session will also show how to directly contribute to the existing documentation or how to setup the environment for developing your own high quality documentation.