End user experience monitoring for cloud applications

Language: English

Alyvix provides GUI tools to graphically define every transactions of user interaction flows on any application. Alyvix is able to automate all applications that are in the cloud or on-premises.   (e.g. Onlineshop, Citrix etc.). That is because Alyvix is not bolted to application APIs, but it acts as it would sit in front of their interface interacting with them (as a human would do). Alyvix tests the availability of your applications and measures their responsiveness. Hence, Alyvix measures how long transactions take to be accomplished, and reports the performance in HTML pages. Through the integration to your monitoring system (e.g. NetEye, Icinga, Nagios) those outcomes can be tracked. Latency spikes and service downtimes can be clearly recognized from time series charts. Moreover, notification messages and other logics can be set. Alyvix certifies the ongoing quality of IT cloud services highlighting in which location and on whattime they are performing well or worse than expected. With this information, IT operations teams can modulate infrastructure resources and IT clients can check their SLA with providers. Alyvix is a Python-based open source software, which can be easily deployed on Windows 64-bit machines. During his speech, Francesco Melchiori will present the Alyvix features, explain how they can be used to monitor cloud applications and show why they help keeping the quality of your IT services high.