Luca Bonissi

Bonnix di Bonissi Luca


Programmer and Free Software enthusiast. FSFE volunteer.

He graduated in computer science, focusing on low-level programming (embedded microcontroller, assembly, etc.). He approached to Free Software in 1996, with the VIM text editor, and later, he began experimenting with various distributions (Phat Linux, Red Hat, Knoppix) and eventually focused on Slackware, feeling it perfect either to better understand GNU/Linux systems or because it has by default everything needed for programming. Actually he is the maintainer of BonSlack distribution, a Slackware porting to various CPUs/systems (ARM, Alpha, HPPA, LoongArch64, MIPS, OpenRISC, PowerPC, RISC-V, S/390x, SH4, SPARC64), and he is a translator volunteer for the FSFE community.

Luca Bonissi

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