What do open source and cooking have in common?

Why free software and the art of cooking have more in common than you may think


What’s probably the most unusual approach to promote the principles of free software without actually coding? Why not try some tasty open source cooking!

The principles of free software communities relate a lot to other areas of life. Many contributors work together on a common goal, where each of you brings in their individual skills and interests. You create something delicious and tasty many benefit from. If you’re passionate, you can excite your friends and family for what you do. When all of us meet, cook together, have a good time and lots of fun, we can even stay surprisingly far from our computers…

In this talk, I will make you hungry for more, will show you why cooking and free software have actually much more in common than you may think, and why working in your local community is even more tasty than in virtual space. Bon appétit!