The role of DLTs in advanced IoT platform

Why IOTA is a disruptive technology for IoT


Bitcoin is capable of transferring a token between two addresses in the registry. Ethereum is able to transfer many tokens. Transferring tokens between two addresses is functionally similar to transmitting information between two internet address. So we can wonder if it is possible to use Bitcoin or Etherum to transmit data as securely as we transfer tokens? The answer is no!
The increase in Token value makes the cost of transfer marginal.
Conversely, the increase in the data’s value comes from its volume (particularly the data produced by IoT devices), which also implies a proportional increase in the cost of transferring it to Ethereum or Bitcoin. This is why we use IOTA, the only DLT that does not require the payment of fees for storing data into the registry and this has allowed us to create the first decentralized IOT platform.


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