The Rise of IPv6 in IoT Protocols


After the initial years of wireless IoT devices basing their networking on
proprietary protocols, home-grown by one vendor and in-compatibly to anything else, there is a shift to consolidate on IPv6.

In this talk, we will go briefly over 6lowpan as a technology that enabled a lot of these use-cases by providing compression techniques for low-power radio links with limited frame sizes. While its initial development was for IEEE 802.15.4 based networks it was quickly adopted for Bluetooth, NFC, PLC, and others.

This shift allowed the re-use of existing knowledge and concepts of TCP/IPv6 to be adopted into the IoT world, most notably the end-to-end concept, or rather the device-to-cloud concept for IoT. It also resulted in a reduced need for proxies translating between various proprietary networks and your home IP network.

In the future, this hopefully will result in a reduction of product-specific IoT
hubs in a network. An open source blueprint for such a gateway based on All Scenarios OS will be described, together with OpenThread and Matter (former CHIP) as example IPv6 based IoT turnkey solutions.