The First Year of Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle: a successful “code first” approach


The most notable impact of using SW in the automotive domain is the decrease in fatalities as ADAS functions are more widely employed. On the other hand, SW complexity has seen an almost exponential growth reaching about 100 million lines of code.
Hardly any organization can tackle this challenge alone.

The Eclipse Software Defined Vehicle (SDV) Working Group ’s mission is to foster collaboration across industries to create an open technology platform for the software defined vehicle of the future. The working group community driven by its 40 member organization has chosen a “code first” approach to facilitate more agile and faster time-to-market software development.
After its formation about a year ago, the SDV WG has onboarded about 20 open source projects and is working on integrating several projects together to create “blueprints”. The frameworks emerging from these initial blueprints show the potential and benefits of utilizing different projects as components to build broader solutions to address more complex problems

This contribution introduces the SDV WG and Community, as well as its projects and capabilities.