The Entando Marketplace

Fueling the Capability Economy through FOSS Contributions and Empowering Community-driven Innovation


The Entando Platform, an open source Application Composition Platform (ACP), is transforming cloud-native application development. With a component-based approach, organizations harness the power of Entando to effortlessly create and consume reusable components, fostering collaboration and driving productivity.

At the heart of this transformation lies the Entando Marketplace. Entando Marketplace and the Entando Platform provides FOOS communities with a platform to collaborate, showcase their projects, access resources, and streamline development processes.

We delve into the principles and benefits of composable practices, which enable developers to build modular, scalable, and adaptable applications.

Furthermore, we highlight the essential role of the Entando Marketplace as a catalyst for the capability economy. FOSS contributors are empowered to share their expertise and contribute to the growing collection of reusable components, unlocking new possibilities for innovation and collaboration.

Join us to discover how the Entando Community fosters collaboration and embraces composable practices, paving the way for a vibrant FOSS ecosystem. Together, we can cultivate a community-driven capability economy that thrives on shared knowledge and collective innovation.