Sustainability of Open Source Software and Potentials in Developing Countries


Although developing countries hold a lot of potential in software development and research, the licensing cost of commercial software, platforms, and online services serve as a hindrance in their widespread adoption. Open source software can be a very useful and viable solution in this regard. On one hand it can fill up the need for less costly software alternatives. On the other hand, it can reduce the adoption of pirated versions of commercial software by individuals and groups to make up for the cost factor. Furthermore, with more adoption of open source software in the developing countries, it will also encourage and engage more programmers from the developing countries to maintain the open source software and to contribute to it, adding to the sustainability of various open source projects and thus benefiting open source software development beyond borders. The speaker, who has the experience of working in both the developing countries as well as here in Alto-Adige/Sud-Tirol region, will share insights on this topic from both of these diverse perspectives.