Successful Performance Monitoring – a Demanding Challenge


In the aera of the cloud and the internet of things on the one hand performance monitoring is gaining more and more interest, on the other hand performance monitoring has never changed so much like during this last few years. There are several trends auch as a general movement towards unified monitoring or standard application performance monitoring [APM] that is not replaced but enriched by IT operations analytics [ITOA]. New time series databases – e.g. Influxdb – together with the new scripting and query languages they bring with them play an increasing role as well as open source visualization tools like Grafana. Machine Learning [ML] allows to answer questions that could not be addressed by standard methods and user experience, e.g. Alyvix visual synthetic monitoring, is finally analyzed together with performance metrics allowing for new insights.
Today everyone has many open source tools at hand, but they are worth even more with domain knowledge, experience and expertise. They can be used to get the maximum out of a combination of existing tools and your own software. This is what Würth Phoenix NetEye is capable of. Goal of this talk is to give an overview of how the trends mentioned above influence each other.