Statistical linked open data with disclosure control: a case study

Language: Italian

Our work is settled in the context of the public administration domain, where data can come from different entities, can be produced, stored and delivered in different formats and can have different levels of quality. Hence, such a heterogeneity has to be addressed, while performing various data integration tasks. Public statistical offices have the mandate to collect and diffuse data for the benefit of society. In doing so, however, they face technical and legal challenges, which must be met. The driving idea of this work is that of releasing as much official statistical data as possible on the one side, and to guarantee statistical disclosure control (SDC), on the other side, which is to never release data that allows one to pinpoint information into a single individual or institution. We report our experimental work based on enabling statistical offices with functionalities for the SDC guaranteed linked open data publishing to be able to better meet demands of user run-time requests. We discuss the lessons we learned from deploying and using the respective application.