Smash a customizable cross-platform application to support outdoor activities


After that many years of development of mobile applications for working in the field, HydroloGIS recently release the new app to support all kind of outdoor activities, SMASH – Smart Mobile Application for Surveyor’s Happiness. SMASH ( SMASH is a user-friendly, modern, faster to develop and cross platform app for the eyes of IOS, Android, but also Macos and Linux users. The main functionalities are the possibility to collect georeferenced pictures, notes and GPS tracks logs.
It opens directly on the map view where it is possible to navigate local or online raster and vector data in different formats: Geopackage, shapefile, tiff+png+jpg with wtf, MBTiles, Mapsforge and GPX, all with a custom CRS and the support for standard SLD style definition. Online supported formats are WMS and TMS and there is a nice service catalog and wizard for adding most common WMS/TMS. Geopackage and PostGIS layers also have editing support.
SMASH simplifies the data collection and the export of the survey into easy processable data files (GPX, PDF) or through a direct synchronization with the GSS (Geopaparazzi Survey Server). The Survey Server has been redesigned with the same technology used by SMASH and has now the ability to visualize data in the same look and feel as the mobile app.
Notes serverside-versioning has been introduced to enhance synchronization of data by teams. A redmine plugin is being developed by community members to create a geo-ticketing system.
This presentation gives an insight about the state of the art of the SMASH focusing on the possible applications and customization.