Smart services enabled by IoT and Ai: the importance of cybersecurity risk management

Track 5 Legal

IoT and AI enable the so called ‘SERVITIZATION’, aiming at supplying not only a product but also the so called ‘SMART SERVICES’ for customers care
management and after sale relationships.

Privacy and Cybersecurity by design: companies need to consider GDPR and privacy compliance issues and related risk for cybersecurity already in the design
process of smart devices to effectively implement data protection and cybersecurity principles.

The new challenge for companies is the management of new services and big data in one hand and safety in the use of interconnected devices on the other

Companies, in this situation, are becoming a constant target for hackers and cybercriminals who access unlawfully IT systems and networks creating business
interruptions, temporary inefficiencies and, sometimes, severe operational and reputational damages.