Red Hat Summer Camp Brno – learn through Open Source


We believe that people is the best investment. As any investment – earlier you start, more benefits you will receive. The main difference in our case is that every party wins.

The Red Hat Summer Camp Brno is a two-week IT camp for high school students from 16 to 19 y.o., located in Brno, Czech Republic.

We introduce students to IT company and IT field itself to let them know how it looks and works before the students start their university degree.

The project allows students to get familiar with Red Hat culture & people and Open Source values.

Students with different backgrounds and values will work closely in teams through a variety of soft and hard skills classes, workshops and project activities to achieve one goal – to win the grand prize.

We wanted to share our motivation, our goals, experience with you and show you how important is to work with students – everyone learns.