Humane Websites

Language: English

In 2016 websites are still your most prominent vehicle to connect with your customers, sell your products/services and tell the world what you are up to. But is your website turning customers away? I like comparing a website with an employee who has a clear role and goals. Mostly this is selling your products, customer retention or outreach. Nevertheless they fail frequently and if your website would be a real employee you’d probably have fired them already. Here is the main problem of websites in 2016: Most websites focus too much on design and not enough on results. Of course, there are many pretty websites with nice content and good looking photos, but do they actually bring results? If not, how would one solve this? And where do I start? In this talk I will discuss how to create effective websites that turn visitors into customers. We’ll dive into the positioning of a website, automated processes such as email courses or newsletters, and generally, how automated funnels which qualify the leads and develop trust between the two parties look like.