Open-source digital learning: inRebus approach to gamification


Moodle is a free, open-source learning management system with a huge diffusion that enables you to create powerful, flexible, and engaging online learning experiences which connote a more active, engaging role for users and trainers.

The underlying style of learning for Moodle is called social connectivism: people learn from one another and Moodle’s framework is structured to maximize interactivity with other users and the content itself. Moodle has the full power of placing learning activities within an LMS in a such a sequence that can create a personalized and interactive learning path, plus it has the capability of adding various open-source tools and plugins which extend its domain to the gamification world.

Gamification is a design process that reframes goals to be more appealing and achievable by tapping in to our emotions using the principles of game design. The goal of this process is to keep learners engaged and motivated in a way that is not always present in traditional courses. When it is implemented through elegant solutions, learners may be unaware of the subtle game elements being used.

For inRebus, gamification it’s digital learning’s natural born evolution and means online learning experiences creative and outside the box.