Oniro: How an Open Source Project can revolutionize IoT market/industry


In a world that is constantly changing, we believe that it is essential to drive forward a technology concept that specifically and deeply meets the consumers, devices makers and developers needs.

Today the IoT industry needs to defragment and connect the increasing number of devices that every day are put on the market. Imagine being able to create smart appliances like a solar power management system that can interact with your dishwasher or dryer to select the best time to be on to save money. Or a vending machine that can connect to your smart wallet for paying and for collecting game points for your online avatar. Oniro, hosted by Eclipse Foundation, enables that and much more.

The idea of a full-connected world can become real by developing a vendor neutral, royalty free and well-supported ecosystem that embraces the Open Source philosophy, that’s the Oniro Idea. This speeds up the go-to market and adds reliability as the effort is spread among the community. In this talk we’ll go through the benefits of joining a community of companies that leverage an Open Source Project to develop the future of IoT. We’ll share our experience as an IIoT company that takes part in this new movement.