KDE Eco: Looking Forward & Backward


As reflected in the criteria for software eco-certification with the Blauer Engel seal, the environmental label awarded by the German government, there is a direct connection between sustainability and transparency/user autonomy. This connection has been the motivation behind the KDE Eco initiative since its beginning in 2021, as presented at the last SFSCON. In short, Free and Open Source Software’s core values of transparency and user autonomy gives it an edge to become the most resource and energy efficient software! In this talk I will take a look both backward and forward to discuss the achievements and to-dos of the KDE Eco initiative. Specifically, I will address the following:

* What are the achievements of KDE Eco so far? These include Okular receiving the Blue Angel eco-label; they also include research by KDE community members into methods of energy consumption measurements, setting up a community lab at KDAB Berlin, and developing tools for measuring software, among others.

* What are the to-dos going forward? Here I will present our goals for the future and the steps we are taking to achieve them.