IoT Technologies – Technological Trends


The Internet of Things (IoT) aims to unify everything in our world under a common infrastructure, giving us not only control of things around us, but also keeping us informed about the state of things. Currently the IoT affects both the daily lives of all of us and the management of business processes, becoming a considerable asset for the world market.
This work is focussed on the analysis of IoT technologies state of the art and theirs trends in South Tyrol after 20 years of growth and expansion. The analisys is based on the bibliographic study of existing technologies both considering the market and the research context, through the systematic review of official company reports, comparisons with experts in the field, academic research documents and archives available online. The main objective of this work is to provide an overview of IoT technologies state of the art and their application in everyday life. In addition, the study also aims to give to the actors in the sector an idea of how the IoT technologies will progress in South Tyrol.