Interplanetary Precision Agriculture (IPA)

Maximizing yield and enabling new revenue streams


Farmers, around the world, face exhausting manual tasks on regular basis through the production process to manage multiple growth variables for their crops; also, there is high uncertainty about the impact when adjustments to these variables are made. In this context, the market for precision agriculture is growing to 12.7 billion by 2025 with solutions mainly based on Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Cloud Computing for the automation of the agricultural industry. Since there is an increasing demand for technological solutions, the project Interplanetary Precision Agriculture (IPA) is proposed. The current project aims to improve the cultivation process on and off Earth, with technological solutions based on IoT, AI , and Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT or Blockchain); hence, a system of systems is laid out. First, Magrito, a holonomic autonomous rover, is introduced to gather crop performance parameters (output variables); second, the IoT devices Habitat Precision PRO, and Water Precision PRO are deployed to gather the growing parameters (input variables); third, the IPA Farm Management System correlates the data captured by these devices to add context (business logic); fourth, all data is sent through the #IOTA Channels Protocol to #IOTA Tangle network, which is one of the most scalable and energy efficient DLTs with zero fees.