Internet of Things & cybersecurity: difficult combination


Cyberspace is a reality in which the real world is progressively migrating, transforming the paradigm of real life for individuals and businesses. The Internet has previously allowed access to data at a global level and now allows interconnection between goods that are recognized. The new challenge on the control of data use and on the safety in the use of interconnected devices I o T is only in its beginning but already it is complex and it is a source of criticality.

Companies, in fact, are becoming a constant target for cybercriminals who, in pursuing their own purposes, demonstrative or of simple illegal enrichment or of any other nature, access domestic and corporate networks creating from simple and temporary inefficiencies to serious and irreparable financial and reputational damage
And while technology is making great progress, the law, as always, is chasing after it.

The European Union has taken a very responsible attitude on the subject and, in matters of T O I as well as for data protection, intends to provide a single framework of rules for the certification of the computer security of T O I products and digital services, which will have to be recognized in all Member States to gradually replace the national schemes.