Healthy Farm

providing a Precision Livestock Farming Solution within the process of digital transformation in agriculture


The project involves three different subjects:

  • The University of Padua that develops the algorithm prototype and cattle breeding PI,
  • Eurac Research that supports the project with code engineering, environmental data and
  • Orma-Solutions is the technology developer and coordinator.

The project is co-funded by the Innovation Office of the “Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano Alto Adige”.
The problem at the basis of the approach is that the altered rumen motility and digestive system dysfunctions could lead to health issues and illnesses.
The continuous monitoring of physiological parameters and behaviors is fundamental for the detection of diseases and to reduce health care costs and improve production and quality.
In conclusion, the project has the aim of assessing animal welfare by using sensors as well as a specific R code, integrating multiple on-Farm Data streams and developing a Farmers Information System.
Several parameters need to be measured: decubitus-, rumination-, walking- and feeding time, heat temperature, respiratory- and urination rate, and cough.
Multiple streams of data are integrated using environmental sensors and cattle management activities. The collected data are storaged in a dedicated database and those data could be analyzed as well as visualized on the cloud and on a dedicated mobile App.