Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (Some good algorithms)

Wearable hackers meet e-health experts to make a first class open source Android app


Gadgetbridge, a free and open source project, has existed since 2015 to allow wearable device customers to use their hardware without being tied to the online services of the manufacturers.

The small but very focused and capable technical community working on the basic functionalities such as retrieving the various data from the wearables (detected activities, sleep, pulse per minute, peripheral oxygen saturation, …) lacks the expertise on specialised algorithms that could help to perform advanced analysis/diagnostics.

The goal of this talk is to explore a potential collaboration between our communities: Gadgetbridge provides local-only support for an extensive list of wearable devices and a community of engineers and privacy minded users, Data4SmartHealth might contribute advanced algorithms and AI on edge devices.



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