From Opensource to Openmind

Open source is more of a philosophy than a thing you can buy. This philosophy is sustainable and has a win-win approach.


As an active open-source developer since 2006, I can advise about the opportunity of using an open-source approach to get the best for your business and let your company grow.

For developers, it’s a good habit that can increase professionalism and produces values for the developer and the community. For a company, it helps to be visible and share your products, thereby increasing profits. That’s why all of the big players moved into it. As a company, you still have time to start in the open-source game and be distinctive thanks to your open-source activity. Don’t wait too much longer, though.

The speech is articulated in these sections:

1) introduction about my personal journey to opensource. This is important to create a rapport with the attendees and create trust in the speaker.

2) what stop opensource to enter the companies until now a complete overview of the issues that prevent the opensource philosophy adoption in companies (patents, intellectual property, etc..)

3) benefits we are loosing in this section I will explain the opportunities and the opportunity revenue of opensource

4) conclusion in this section will be presented a solution to harmonize pro and cons of opensource to create a profitable business model in enterprises that bring benefits to business and to the community