EECHO – an open source, AI based contextual software for the hospitality industry

How open source can make your life as a software developer easier


Nowadays, the hotel industry is getting more complex. Hotels receive more and more requests from their clients and need to compete against their competitors. From market research, we have found out that larger hotels are getting up to 100.000 requests per year. And they are facing challenges over handling the requests manually.
Our solution – automation of the request handling process. Therefore, we have created an electronic echo (EECHO), A contextual AI Assistant which is based on the open-source machine learning framework RASA NLU as well as Tensorflow. EECHO solves that problem perfectly up to 95% of answering requests. On top of that, we integrated Open data hub to have more options regarding personalized answers. So you can also ask EECHO what you should do tomorrow and EECHO will find the perfect option for you.