EDDIE – Enabling Distributed Intelligence in Oniro


The EDDIE project has the objective to design a middleware capable of giving to the applications and services an unified global view on cross-device resources. The various devices are not seen any more as individual entities with specific resources, but as a unified pool of virtual resources.

Intelligent orchestration of the available resources will allow an efficient
use, as well as, some very unique use cases e.g. peripherals like camera, storage and audio from any device in the network could operate like a local peripheral. They would be instantly compatible with your local applications. Use your doorbell camera in your mobile camera application and the surround audio system for your alarm system without the need for dedicated integrations for each ecosystem.

In this talk Stefan will give you an introduction to the project, its goals,
milestones and implementation. He will show the current development status on Linux and Zephyr in Oniro and look ahead into 2023.